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After years of writing and producing music, touring, playing shows, and collaborating with other artists we realized there was a common need for sharing notes in many different stages of the music creation process.

We are musicians and producers




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Session Notes was made for the modern producer. Someone who not only is playing multiple instruments, but also recording themselves or producing their own tracks. We wanted to create an all-in-one solution for you. There are so many advantages of pen + paper in this increasingly overwhelming digital age, and we invite you to experiment with this idea to improve your productivity in the studio. 

If you are a recording engineer, or a musician in a band, then you've heard some of this before: "Hey how do you play that? I remember the chord, but I forget what I had my pedals set to. What are the lyrics at that part? Hey write a second verse real quick, we're setting up a mic. I don't remember what patch we used." And so on. 

These are all things that just happen over time when it comes to playing music or doing music production. Whether your a musician who's pedal settings get scrambled every time you toss your bag into the back of the van, or a production engineer that has three bands a day coming through the studio, then Session Notes can help. The days of saving strips of masking tape, or taking photo's of knobs on your iPhone are behind you. Stay organized with Session Notes - a swiss-army note taking tool for the modern producer + musician.

The Concept

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