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Multi-disciplinary note-taking tool for modern musicians & producers

Analog notebook

for music producers

As your workflow is increasingly driven by digital technology, Session Notes is your analog alternative for making the most out of your songwriting or recording sessions. A swiss army note-taking tool for modern musicians + producers. Increase studio productivity, plan your writing and recording sessions, organize production notes, write lyrics, chord charts, tablature, or sheet music all in one place. Maximize your sessions. 

Organize all of your ideas, songwriting, recording, mixing notes and production tasks in one place. Increase your productivity and get more out of your studio sessions or musical collaborations. 

Designed for modern musicians & prodcuers 

Artist details

Gear Details

Goals / Productivity 

Note Sections

Progress Diagrams

Session Details

Session Agenda Tools

Sketch Areas

Song Details

Task Lists​

Multi-Instrument Chord Charts

Lyric Sheets

Song Structure Diagrams

Staf Paper / Composition

Tablature Sheets

Takes + Tracking Systems
+ More


What's Inside

Session Notes organizes all the beautiful chaos of songwriting and music production into chapters. Keep track of song + artist info, gear lists, goals and progress. Write chord charts, tablature, and full compositions. No matter what side of the mixing board you are on, this notebook can help you stay organized, productive and inspired. 

Songwriting & Productivity

We are working on a comprehensive package of digital downloads that will accompany every purchase of Session Notes. Access to music tutorials, production tips from producers, sample packs, free audio plugins, music charts and diagrams, and more. 

Coming Soon:
Session Access

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Thanks for your interest. We'll let you know when we launch Session Access. 



Multi-disciplinary note-taking tool for modern musicians & producers


Set Goals and Manage Expectations

There's nothing more intimidating than an open ended creative session. Sometimes not having a direction can actually end up costing you valuable time in the studio. Decide where to start, set goals, track progress. Make sure you're hitting deadlines in the studio to keep your productions on track. 


Loads of features

Session Notes has tons of pages to help you write music, organize your sessions, track progress and more. Get all your ideas laid out in this durable hardcover book. This is a great addition to any musician or producers workflow.


You Remember Things Better When You Write Them Down

Rehearsing and recalling information is a huge part of being a musician or producer, especially in a live scenario. Keep all your song details in one place, so you can easily relearn how to play old songs, or even just jot down ideas you can explore them later. Also useful if you have to find a new bandmate and get them up to speed quickly on other people's parts. 

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